Wednesday, September 5, 2012


  It's not our favorite thing to do.  Not for most of us anyway.  We tend to be creatures of habit, us humans.  We get used to things and a lot of the time we stick to it without much thought.  Sometimes we even fight change when it could do us a whole world of good.

  There are, of course, some changes that we like and welcome; the changes that effortlessly happen to us and jsut so happen to benefit us in some way too.  How convenient!  Those are nice and easy changes, the ones that we don't have to work for but we get something out of.  But very often when we are told we need to make a CHANGE we don't like it very much.  Even if the person telling us that it needs to be done is ourself.

  Knowing and accepting that you need to make a change in your life to become healthier, happier, better adjusted or avoid diseases of lethargy is a huge step with potentially great rewards.  Deciding to become more active, eat better and make healthier choices in general is BIG.  So, set that goal to change and stick with it.  Soon that goal to change will morph into an actual act of changing.  It isn't easy, feel blissful or taste like sunshine; but stick with it because it will get easier, feel better and maybe you'll get a taste of  sweet victory.

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