Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Started with your Postpartum Body

Ok so, here we are.  Now, what do YOU want?

I'll tell you what I wanted this year, I wanted my old body back.  You know, the one that took me 26 years to get used to.  The one I watched grow up, get bigger and smaller, fed good things and bad, the one I beat up and healed; the one that gave birth to my super awesome now one year old daughter and DIDN'T snap back into place the next day.  Yeah, that one!  The one that will never be the same!  But if you think about it, it never was the same and it doesn't need to be the same.  What it does need to be is well nourished, healthy, active and loved by you.

So that begs the second question, what do WE do about it?

Easy, get active and fuel your blessing of a body with the best! It's the easiest most logical thing you've ever heard, right?  By now you are either laughing out loud or furiously angry with me for having the audacity to even think of saying such a thing, let alone posting it out here for all to see; and I hope that is where I can come in to help.

Whether you are local or across the country, a support system is a good first step in accomplishing your goals.  While I aim to open a small local gym I available now for telephone and online personal training sessions, consults, goal setting sessions and regular motivation.  If you have any questions on how to get started, how to pinpoint your personal wellness goals and/or how to go about attaining them, I am here to help!  Just shoot me an email HudsonValleyPeakPerformance@gmail.com, message me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/HVPeakPerformance or call me 845-240-0587 between 10am and 8pm Eastern time to set up a session.

Be Well,

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